A Fresh Face For Ōrākei





I'm 19 years-old and have lived in the Ōrākei area my entire life. I am a founding member of the Ōrākei Youth Council and will bring a fresh face and new perspective to local issues. It’s time to have a genuine conversation in Ōrākei about youth issues and I will ensure youth are heard; regardless of where their views fall on the political spectrum. We need to move on from addressing youth purely with platitudes and pizza and relegating them to the ‘kiddy table.’ I will ensure the concerns of youth and the wider community are heard when it comes to making decisions.
I will embrace and support real change in a modern Ōrākei and Auckland as a whole. Ōrākei should be for all to enjoy and for all to be involved in.
To see a fresh face and new direction on local issues vote Isaac Mercer.

It has been abundantly clear that those who are making decisions in this community simply disregard the views of youth, often simply because their views are conflicting.
Earlier in the year this was realised when I spoke in support of an initiative that had received wide opposition from various community members. No one should have had to deal with the reception I got. The entire community closed down and refused to hear what I had to say, simply dismissing me at my every attempt. The politics in this area dominated and prevented any form of constructive conversation. This shouldn’t be the case. Everyone, including youth should be able to have their say free from abuse and harassment.


  • Encourage and support youth to get involved in local decision making.
    • Youth will live with the impacts of many of the long-term decisions made today. They will be the ones taking advantage of the benefits or suffering from the consequences in the future. It’s time to proactively hear what we all have to say, not simply complain when we don’t.

  • Promote modern solutions to address Ōrākei's transport needs.
    • Encouraging the 'reclaiming' of sections of road corridor for pedestrians and cyclists.
    • Supporting the local public transport network with initiatives to improve the experience of current and potential public transport users.
    • Support new transport initiatives such as bike & e-scooter sharing with policy and infrastructure.


I'm going at this campaign myself, against the established political organisations in our community with little backing. I would love and greately appreciate any support you would be willing to or are able to give in whatever form. Even sharing the campaign page and message around would go a long way and be greatly appreciated.

If you are willing to help out a little more, by volunteering, hosting a sign on a fence, or even making a donation, please click below and complete a short form, thank you!