Isaac Mercer

About Me

I'm Isaac Mercer, a student in Auckland, New Zealand. My hobby for some time has been computers and software development. I've moved on to app development over the last few years, creating various projects (many of which are available for public use).

My projects and ideas are often well received by their users, and the community, with a large amount of positive feedback flooding in about each one.

Some of my flagship projects and ideas can be found below.


For business enquiries please contact me on, otherwise please click through to my various projects below and make yourself heard through their respective feedback methods.

Big Shaq Soundboard

An entertainment app that received over 1 Million Downloads on Google Play and ranked in the Top 10 free music + audio apps in over 30 countries (including #2 in the Netherlands, #4 in the UK, #6 in Australia and #7 in New Zealand). The app was also found in the top 50 free apps on Google Play in 7 countries.

Isaac's Computer Tips

A YouTube channel that has over 4000 subscribers with a total of 2.8 Million views. My projects, reviews and tutorials are incredibly useful to my audience with over 5 videos having over 100K views each.


A prior project aimed at addressing the social issue in New Zealand by keeping visiting drivers safe on New Zealand roads with a mobile app. My work on SafeDriver was recognised in the Brighsparks industry awards competition in 2015 and 2016.


A specialised linux distro aimed at improving performance of your PC while still being easy to use. My work on this project was recognised through winning category awards in the Auckland Science and Technology fair in 2013, the industry Brightsparks awards in 2013 and 2014 and as a Regional Finalist in the Google Science Fair. nOS was used across the world, and was popular on low-cost computers in schools in developing countries including in Tavenui, a small remote island of Fiji.

Google Play Store

You can find more information about my apps available on Google Play, through my Google Play Store developer page.

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Apple App Store

A select few of my apps are available on the App Store.

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